Citrus Peel Products

MFJA started out as an industrial processor, but over the years has developed a product range that caters for all segments of the industrial juice and beverage market.

Over 200 different products are manufactured at MFJA using locally grown oranges, grapefruit, lemon, grapes and mandarins.

MFJA prides itself on having forged strong long-term relationships with major beverage and juice companies in Australia. These relationships have been underwritten and enhanced by our consistent supply of quality products.

Product List Product Type Packaging
Orange Valencia Single strength (NFC)  
Orange Navel Concentrate PET (Contract)
Lemon   TETRA (Contract)
Grapefruit   25 Lt Carbois
Mandarin Serum  
Confectionery sauce Cells 25, 200, 1000 Lt
Aseptic bags
Blended Products De-bittered navel  

The locally grown produce that is sourced for processing by MFJA is of the highest quality. Being sourced locally means the fruit can arrive at the factory within hours of being picked - complementing the freshness and quality. All suppliers have completed a supplier evaluation and are quality approved which gives the end user security in the knowledge of the traceability of the product.